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Sam Seder majorityreport

A soft spot for News Busters

Chris Hayes explains “Girl Talk Gate”, the fight against the climate crisis and the struggle for abolitionism, the economics of slavery, the economics of slavery, the reliance on fossil fuels and how it blocks economic innovation, the resource curse and wealth concentration, innovation and the legacy of slavery, how slavery flowed through American society, the holistic strategy to transition to renewables, how we can get to a price on carbon, how to destroy the political and social standing of incumbent interests and the practical mechanics of ending the carbon economy. On The Fun Half: what will make the Peoples Climate March a success? a British perspective on Scottish independence, why even if the Scottish independence vote loses its win for a progressive UK, Massive inequality in Manhattan, Greg Gutfield and Eric Bolling trash the poor and lie about welfare, Sam debates a Libertarian and your calls and IMs #FullPodcastAvailable #Podcasts


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